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Saturday, August 16, 2014

5 Places to eat in Bariloche

5 Places to eat in Bariloche 

1) The Cave
Av. 536 San Martín T: (0294) 440-9200.
Opened in the late 80's is the largest of the 290 rooms Patagonia. In 2009 it became the latest refurbishment that included the lobby and rooms.
The Pan, the largest largest hotel with 290 rooms Patagonia, joined La Cave, a place to eat fondue reservation. Also, in the annex building, there since 2012 an ice bar: IceBariloche where you can take a gin and tonic in a cold room with 43 ​​tons of ice.

2) Cassis
Route 82, Rock of Arelauquen lake Gutiérrez.T: (0294) 447-6167.
It is the temple of Mariana and Ernesto Wolf Müller. Her in the kitchen, he in the hall, in charge of wines and orchard are complemented wonderfully. (Not for nothing have 5 children!). This is a true Patagonian company, born in Esquel, passed through Germany and seems to have taken root in Bariloche. Elegant atmosphere. Superlative experience. In high season, daily at night.

3) Butterfly
Hua Huam 7831 (Bustillo km 7.9) .T: (0294) 446-1441.
Proposal Irish gourmet chef Edgard Holloway, his wife Coni Pro and German sommelier Sebastian Stoveken that has established itself as one of the best restaurants in town. The place is romantic, with beautiful view, and the experience of tasting 7 steps unforgettable menu. From $ 390 per person without drinks. No cards. Only night. Closed Wednesday.

4) Flavored Almazén
The corner Radales Chilcas, Dina Huapi.T: (0294) 452-1109.
"Let your food be your food and your food your food." The quotation from Hippocrates tops the menu at this restaurant Dina Huapi, about 15 km from the center of Bariloche. Franco Ambrosi and Lucila Patuel author proposed balanced cuisine. The letter is synthetic and concise, and very good results. Captive exotic fish in Asian cooking and light curry mashed sweet potatoes and peanuts. They also make 6 steps tasting menu.

5) Kandahar
February 20 698 T: (0294) 442-4702.
The traditional center of Bariloche which opened in 1983 Marta Peirano restaurant is in the hands of his nephew Manuel García Susini, who Aggiorno the proposal. Scrumptious trout-cushion scented spinach with fresh herbs. Also prepared rabbit in white wine, Pacific salmon and lamb brochette. In January and February, is open daily from 20 to 23.30. Down, Monday to Saturday. He also added two locations: at the base of Cathedral (winter only) and in the club house of the golf course of Llao Llao, which are round.5 Places to eat in Bariloche 

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