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Surfing destinations in the Caribbean

Surfing destinations in the Caribbean
No doubt that the Caribbean is the favorite of all who seek sun and beaches to enjoy in spectacular landscapes worthy to be called paradise destination. Very famous for this type of tourism is gaining more visitors also surfers who seek to practice their sport beaches to spectacular views. 

Although not many people know, the Caribbean is one of the best places in the world for surfing, and is the perfect combination of beaches, perfect weather, crystal clear waters and white sand just a couple of waves and feel are needed in surf paradise. Many of the countries that make up the Caribbean have hosted many surfing championships, so you definitely are in the perfect place to practice. Takes note of the best surfing destinations in the Caribbean: 

- Cayman Islands: The winter season is the best to go surfing because not only do not notice it's winter but at that time the waves grow very much and are perfect to catch the table and throw the sea. It is best to go to the southernmost part of the island and there the waves are followed and a good size for surfing. In the rest of the island are much greater but not repeated both. 

- Jamaica: Virtually any beach of this small country are the perfect waves to surf at any time of year. 

- Barbados: Probably the best destination in the Caribbean for surfing as there are many beaches with good waves constantly, especially on the east coast. If you're going to the west side is best to go between December and March and that is when you can enjoy the best waves (tide of the Pacific Ocean is on the rise at this time). 

- Dominican Republic: Punta Cana Especially can enjoy many beaches suitable for surfing and also have very white sand and are a paradise for the eyes of any visitor. The best beaches in the country for surfing experts are Bavaro, Arena Gorda and Uvero Alto. Surfing destinations in the Caribbean

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