Saturday, August 16, 2014

Iguazu Falls: The new wonder

Iguazu Falls: The new wonder 
Years pass, change the runways, add hotels, more foreigners come, and Argentines are turning en masse to the Falls. Although they are new to the world are here, "the" great classic. 

Some are on their third or fourth visit, and the lady sitting next to me on the Jungle Train. It is ecstatic because he could realize the great sailing adventure. The shirt was drained and recounts the details of how the boat pulled to jump San Martin: "stay down the waterfall of truth, that is impressive." 
In the Devil's Throat, the pinnacle of the park, two storey rainbow in the clouds of steam arising from the canyon. The lovebirds are crammed against the railing of the veranda and autofotos are removed giving a kiss. Will Eros wakes up moisture from the skin and the roar of tons of water breaking over the course of the Iguazu River. Others were awake vertigo. Adrenaline. Fascination. Stun. Packet. Impossible to be apathetic to these waters. 
In the last Easter they had to close the PN Iguazú because the number of visitors (more than eleven thousand) collapsed capacity. Nor is it a matter of who has more people in there swifts, blackish plumage birds that nest in the rocky walls and curtains undefeated cross water. Everything has a balance in nature. 
Hotels, more and more. In the area of ​​600 hectares of forest Iriapú, so close and almost apart from the city, joined last year the Village Falls complex to the five existing ones. In full expansion, the hotel has 36 rooms, restaurant and pool, while plans to open a spa and tripling the number of rooms. 
In Puerto Iguazu there is always something new, like the restaurant La Dama Juana. Cuisine inventive but unsophisticated propose their owners with experience in luxury hospitality. He also appeared Iguazú Icebar, a bar that is hard thermal jacket and gloves and everything is ice walls, bar, glasses, tables and chairs. Yes, you can also get cold in Misiones. The imminent: Boat Hotel Casino. It will be anchored on the Iguazu River, will be the first draft of the project to create a "mini-Las Vegas" in this city.

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