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Eating and sleeping in Chapada Diamantina

Eating and sleeping in Chapada Diamantina 
Closed Located at 425 km from Salvador, this national park which you access from the city of Lençóis promises the most amazing treks Brazil. In its 152 hectares there are hundreds of caves, waterfalls improbable heights, colonial cities and charming inns. 

T: 0810-333-3333. web 
A Salvador, daily flights via San Pablo. 
A Salvador.T: 0810-266-3131 and (011) 4815-4035. web 
T: (0055-11) 4003-1118. web 
Fly Thursdays and Sundays from Bahia to Lençóis, returning the same day. As has few frequencies should be drawn in advance. 
By bus to Lençóis: 
Real Expresso 
T: (in Brazil) 0800-280-7325. web 
Departs daily Salvador at 7, 13, 16.30 and 23 The journey takes 6 to 7 hours. 

Vila Serrano 
Rua Alto do Bonfim s / n. 
T: (0055-75) 3334-1486. 
C: (0055-75) 9831-3321. 
Its owner is Swiss and Chapada reached 30 years. The inn looks like a village in the hinterland and was built in five minutes from downtown, with ecological criteria. The 13 colonial style rooms are acclimated according to Feng Shui and decorated with the help of local artists. All have WiFi, minibar, air conditioning, fan and balcony with hammock. There is a ping pong table in the woods and a pergola where they teach yoga. 

Canto das Águas 
Av. Senhor dos Passos 01. 
T: (0055-75) 3334-1154. 
Located on the banks of river Lençóis is the first sustainable hotel in Brazil and is part of the association Roteiros Charme. Began 27 years ago with four rooms and now has 44. broader 80m2, has a balcony overlooking the river, hydro, Super King bed, air conditioning, hairdryer, minibar and two TV. The hotel water is heated by solar panels and all the staff are native. There is a restaurant, swimming pool with special area for children, sauna, sleeps in the garden reading and meditation spaces. Breakfast is a food festival. 
Canto no Bosque 
Parque do Ribeirão s / n. 
T: (0055-75) 3334-1704. 
C: (0055-75) 9998-5558. 
Located in a forest of 12,000 m2, ten minutes walk from the center of Lençóis, this inn has impeccable attention their owners, the Bahian Jaciel and his German wife. There are bungalows, chalet, family and double rooms. All with air conditioning, fan, minibar, wifi and hammock. Free Transfer to the center. It has swimming pool, a restaurant surrounded by forest and from there the trail goes Ribeirão do Meio, one of the best rides of Chapada. She is also the winner of the Travellers' Choice 2013. 

Alcino Estalagem 
Rua Tomba Surrão 139. 
T: (0055-75) 3334-1171. 
Voted Lençóis inn charm and the best breakfast in the guide Quatro Rodas 2013, belongs to the artist Caetano Alcino. The colonial mansion has four air-conditioned suites and three rooms with shared bathroom. There are balconies with hammocks, the studio, library, parking and a park of 3000 m2. Breakfast is a succession of delights that are coming to the table, the premise is relax and enjoy leisurely. 

Lençóis Hotel 
747 Rua Altina Alves. 
T: (0055-75) 3334-1102. 
Located in the upper part of the city, is the first hotel in Lençóis. It has 50,000 thousand m2 of green area and 50 spacious rooms. The No. 38 is the most romantic and comfortable. There is also a well conceptualized restaurant, open to the public, pool, game room, wifi, a playground and parking. 
Rua da Baderna 51 T: (0055-75) 3334-1157. 
Naiara Mattos grew up in a restaurant and decided to open his stylized northeastern cuisine. Lighting candles, flower petals on the tables and make good music onstage parade where dishes like breaded salmon with farofinha tapioca, served with honey and pepper; garlic shrimp wrapped in pumpkin puree with rice and vegetables and an original green corn ice cream with caramelized coconut. All homemade and delicious. 

Maria Bonita 
Rua das Pedras s / n. T: (0055-75) 3334-1850. E-mail 
Maria is the mother of Naiara Lampião- and responsible-from the kitchen of the two restaurants, which also share the menu. Specialities include pasta. Fettuccine missed Encantado: Fresh egg pasta with field filé grilled medallion, white sauce of gorgonzola, parmesan and parsley. Furthermore, the privileged location allows guests the night movement of Lençóis. 

Cozinha Aberta 
Rua da Baderna 111 T: (0055-75) 3334-1321. web 
São Paulo is Deborah Doitschinoff chef and owner of this lovely restaurant slow food for 11 years. His idea is to rescue traditional and regional ingredients. Pasanda is the most famous dish of the house: beef curry cooked in yogurt accompanied with oil licuri couscous (tiny coconut palm trees caatinga) and achiote. 

São Benedito 
Av. Senhor dos Passos s / n. Access ramp to the hotel Canto das Águas. T: (0055-75) 3334-1834. 
St. Benedict is the patron of cooks and the most charming coffee Lençóis. Missed the house coffee: espresso, chocolate, milk and whipped cream, made with coffee Piata, natural organic gourmet Ibicoara better if accompanied by a brigadier of panela. 

Rua das Pedras 89. 
This Bahian food restaurant opened in 2012 and serves simple, fresh, plentiful and delicious dishes. It godó a type of banana ensopado- with mixed meats and rice. I grilled fish accompanied by mashed potatoes and rice, or dried meat with fried cassava. 

Terra Chapada 
Horacio de Matos Praça 7 T: (0055-75) 3334-1428. C: (0055-75) 9915-0722. Mail / Web 
Opened in 1985, is a pioneer in adventure activities in the region. The trek Vale do Pati is the strongest of all and one of the most spectacular. A must be in good physical condition. The number of days to choose one, it is recommended over 3 includes insurance, transportation, taxes, specialized guides, night with natives in shared rooms, breakfast, lunch and well-rounded snacks for the road. 

Nas Alturas 
Horacio de Matos Praça 130 T: (0055-75) 3334-1054. C: (0055-75) 9833-4465 / 9992-2370. E-mail / Web 
The only company certified by ABNT / INMETRO (Safety Management System) of Chapada Diamantina. Car ride to Pozo Pozo Azul and Encantado, 320 km in total. Includes guide, auto, access rate, typical lunch meals and travel insurance. Another walk combines Cachoeira Poco do Diabo, where you get after 40 minutes of walking, with the right to swim, lunch in a regional dining beside the river and sunset Mucugezinho on top of Pai Inácio, postcard Chapada, with stunning views . Includes transportation, guide, entrance fees, lunch and insurance. 

Ventures & Adventures 
Av 7 Setembro 22 T:. (0055-75) 3334-1030. C: (0055-75) 9961-2532. Web. 
She was chosen by the magazine Veja as Best Operator Ecotourism 2013 Paseo Cachoeira do Mosquito: transfer of 40 km by car to the Serra das Paridas to see cave paintings and other 40km to Cachoeira do Mosquito, plus 30 minutes walk up (easier) or below. Includes self, guide, snack super full, tickets and insurance. 

Toni Cerqueira 
Rua da Muritiba 5 T: (0055-75) 3334-1836. C: (0055-75) 9966-3855. E-mail 
Toni is Bahia and 21 who is a massage therapist does. After returning from a trek Toni is a blessing. Attend at least one hour and is highly effective with contractures. 

Laundry Orchid 
Urbano Rua Duarte C 120 (0055-75) 9933-3569. 
Indispensable to stay very active. Open from 7 to 20.30. 

Live palha 
Rua das Pedras 108 C: (0055-75) 8150-7971. Round and rectangular rugs, purses, puffs, hats, all straw and woven by the skillful hands of Doña Edit. 

Sementes Bahia Brazil 
Rua Miguel Calmon 38 T: (0055-75) 3334-1565. To buy gifts, from handmade soaps, made in Lençóis and bracelets piaçaba (regional straw) to Piata Gourmet Coffee. 

Pedra Rolled 
Rua da Baderna 50 C: (0055-75) 8282-4267. 
The mining Ourives Katia is jewelry and works with silver, gold and stones like topaz, emerald and amazonite. 

Rua da Baderna 65 T: (0055-75) 3334-1653. C: (0055-75) 9916-7320. 
Rings, necklaces, earrings, purses, accessories. All handmade and muito bonito. 

Important: All agencies offer packages a week or more days, as activities throughout the Chapada and overnight in lodges in different cities or houses of natives. Program recommended for those who want non stop adventure. 
Because of the difficulty of the roads and the lack of signage on the trails (except those near Lençóis), it is essential to be accompanied by a local guide, plus it can provide much more information. 

What to bring: backpack girl 20 / 30L backpack trekking or waterproof layer 60 / 90L, good hiking shoes, swimsuit, raincoat, flashlight, sunglasses, hat or cap, high protection sunscreen, insect repellent . Avoid bags with wheels and heeled shoes.

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