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ABC of Mexican food

ABC of Mexican food 
Very basic product guide, how to identify them and how to find food. Almost all the names are of Nahuatl origin. 

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Achiote. Red paste made ​​from the seeds of the tree hard Bixia Orellana. Gives color and flavor to stews and cheeses. 

Citron. Sweet biznaga, a cactus (Mamilliaria sphaerica). It is used in pastries, desserts and minced. 

Avocado. Fruit of the tree of laureácea (Persea americana) in Mesoamerica. It's the same reason the guacamole. The mature tree leaves are also consumed. 

Joy. Plant of the genus Amaranthus, and by extension, name of its seeds, of high nutritional value. It is used in sweet preparations. 

Antojitos. Are all those popular preparations do not become a formal meal, but replace it. Includes tacos, enchiladas, tamales ... 

Bun. White bread small. 

Botana. Finger food and drinks accompanying snack. 

Cajeta. Fresh goat milk from central Mexico itself. The name derives from the wooden boxes in which it was sold. 

Grasshoppers. Grasshopper. In the markets of Oaxaca are sold roasted and seasoned, ready to be eaten in tacos. 

Chilaquile. Prehispanic dish prepared with leftover tortillas mixed with chilies, herbs and fresh or stale cheese. 

Chile. Pepper in different sizes, color, taste and itching. Jalapeno and serrano peppers are the most used. Dried and smoked, jalapeno renamed chilpotle; sold canned, pickled or marinated. Bigger and is less spicy poblano, chiles rellenos base and is known as dry ancho chile. The habanero, typical of Yucatecan cuisine, is the hottest of all. Of dry, highlights and pasilla chili mulato (fresh chile is chilaca); it goes in moles, sauces and as a garnish for soups, and also the guajillo that soaked and ground is used in stews. 

Chocolate. Flagship product, is obtained from the seeds of cacao. The seeds, toasted and ground, mixed with water, sweetened with honey and flavored with vanilla or chili made ​​up that reserved for a privileged few drinks. Moctezuma took her in golden bowls. 

Thrasher. Blight of maize. Is parasitizing fungus Ustilago zeae ears. It is marketed canned. 

Ejote. Green beans. This seed, developed and dried beans renamed. 

Elote. Fresh corncob. 

Epazote. Paico male, just wow. American plant (Chenopodium ambrosioides) of intense aroma and flavor, almost inseparable from the beans. 

Bean. Beans, beans, beans ... These names apply to different species of Phaseolus. Bean and "frésol" variant phaselos derived from Greek, applicable to a different American legume. Bean comes from the Quechua purutu and beans, Yubia al-Arab, Jewish. 

Snapper. O snapper, fish emblem mex cuisine. It is a good sized snapper fishing in the Gulf and in the Pacific. 

Eggs. The favorite recipes are the huevos rancheros, and Mexican. Both are prepared with chili, onion and tomato. 

Jicama. Legume fruit is not edible, but its root, sweet and refreshing taste. Raw in salads, or alone with chili powder, salt and lemon drops. 

Tomato. Name the common tomato in central and northern Mexico. 
The green tomato or tomatillo, the fruit of Solanum other, is very small; very mild flavor and a little acid goes in raw and cooked sauces. 

Corn. Basic cereal food since pre-Hispanic cultures. The cacahuanzintle variety is rounder, softer than black and the common grain, and sold ready to make pozole, a kind of soup, or some version of menudo (or tummy: tripe). 

Mole. Means sauce or stew. There are many, but the most famous is the turkey mole poblano, seventeenth century recipe created by Andrea de la Asuncion, dominica the convent of Santa Rosa, Puebla. The original recipe also turkey (turkey), takes a hundred ingredients, including bitter chocolate. This supreme baroque was and is a celebration dish. 

Nixtamal. With corn tortilla dough is made. Corn is cooked in water with ash (nextli in Nahuatl) or lime to loosen the skins. 

Nopal. Species of Opuntia cactus, whose tender paddle-shaped pads are a valuable food (cactus), like fruit, prickly pears. 

Nieves. Popsicles. The milk ice cream called. 
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Piloncillo. Raw sugar is sold in the form of cone or truncated cone.

Rajas. Strips, especially chiles. 

Taco. Soft tortilla that can be rolled up almost anything edible. 

Tamal. Corn dough stuffed and steamed wrapped in husks, in yerba santa leaves or banana. 

Tepache. Nayarit refreshing fermented drink, made with pineapple. 

Tortilla. Cornbread disc-shaped, made with corn dough nixtamalized. It is the basis of mex cuisine. In each region, as the flavors it contains and how it is given, take on a particular identity. It heated and bent over a little cheese and one or two leaves of epazote, becomes quesadilla. Without bending and cover countless ingredients is toast and so. 

Totopo. Triangle fried tortilla rigid and crunchy consistency. 

Xoloitcuintle. Hairless dog in Spanish, named for virtually lacking hair. Pet bred for consumption by pre-Hispanic indigenous populations.

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