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The 10 best beaches in Thailand

The 10 best beaches in Thailand 

Makes a spoke of the 10 best beaches in Thailand in an article that has been very successful time. And now, I will name which for me are the best beaches in the islands, the best beaches in Thailand. While living in Bangkok I have not much time to escape to see islands I've been to almost all then I name, in some more than once, as in my beloved Koh Chang or Koh Samet.

The Lonely Beach on Koh Chang 

Beach Lonely Beach (Hat Tha Nam or) is one of the most spectacular in Thailand but has lots of character thanks to the backpacker atmosphere that appeals. This beach is a little haven of backpackers looking to stay in cabins at good price and enjoy a more alternative scene. The island of Koh Chang is famous for its festival, is large and quiet, but in Lonely Beach can be found a more lively atmosphere. Learn more about Koh Chang.

Ao Pra Beach in Koh Mak 

The beach at Ao pra is almost 100% virgin. No hostels, bars and restaurants. You can reach there by walking from nearby Ao Ao Suan Yai and Kao. Worth visiting this little paradise. When I went with my partner, there was no one and it was a great experience.

Beach Hat Thong Nai Pan Noi in Koh Phangan 

Beach Hat Thong Nai Pan Noi is in the northeast of the island of Koh Phangan. In spite of partying fame that the island, this beach in particular is perfect for family and relax. It's very secluded so there is no party. The road to get was under construction, I hope that have already finished. The full moon beach party (the party of the full moon) is called Hat Rin.

Ao Pai Beach in Koh Samet 

Ao Pai Beach is known as one of the beach from Bangkok, as the island of Koh Samet is quite close to the city. Koh Samet is a small island but has nearly 20 beaches.

The beach of Koh Tao Koh Nang Yuan 

The island of Koh Tao is famous for diving at a good price. This small island has a very nearby island called Koh Nang Yuan. The beach of this islet is film, in fact it is the image of many tourist campaigns Thailand. Pay attention to the cover of the free map of Bangkok;) Learn more about Koh Tao.

The Ao Phra Ae Beach in Koh Lanta 

The beach at Ao Phra Ae (or Long Beach) is one of the longest (2 km) of Koh Lanta. The island of Koh Lanta is famous for family tourism. Maybe there are little nicer than Ao Phra Ae beach, but this is the coolest among large you will find on this island.

Na Beach on Koh Similan 

The Koh Similan National Park is made ​​up of 9 beautiful islands, considered the most beautiful in the world and best for diving. One of the best beaches is Na, which is on the island of Koh Miang, the same island where you will find the park headquarters. More information on the Similan Islands.

The Maya Beach in Koh Phi Phi 

Maya Beach is the same in which the film was shot Beach (The Beach). Live view is spectacular, the only penalty is that it is very touristy and you must keep in mind what time going if you do not want to arrive and find 30 boats in it. More photos of Koh Phi Phi.

Tham Phra Nang beach in Railay (Krabi) 

The Phra Nang beach is the one I liked Railay Beach near Krabi. It is a beautiful beach where you can go rock climbing or rent a kayak to explore the surrounding rock formations. It is well worth a visit.

Mae Nam Beach in Koh Samui 

It's hard to say which is the best beach in such a large and developed as Koh Samui island. I chose Mae Nam because it has the reputation of being the backpackers and where to find the best price cabins. Find more info in the article on Koh Samui.

Practical information for visit the beaches 

The best time to visit the islands and Thai beaches ranging from September to May, because during the months of June to August rains, is the monsoon season. However, despite the statistics, every year is different so do not worry too much and even find something usually rains hard rain but little while and then the sun comes out. More about the climate of Thailand.

Take as in any beach plus you need to spend a few days in a guest house or hotel. In almost every island there 7-11 (mini supermarket) so you can always buy anything you forget how: mosquito, sunscreen, sunglasses, sandals, etc.

Once you get to the islands by boat (only Phuket and Koh Samui airport there) you have to use the songtaew (buses cars) or rent a vehicle moved away and get to the best beaches. The Bat songtaew cost about 100 (2.3 €) route, while renting a bike can cost from 100 to 300 Bat per day (2.3 to 7 €). More info about transport in Thailand.

Best vacation spots in the us

Best vacation spots in the us
The best family vacations - United States and Canada. BETA ... Chicago, one of the best places to go with family
Orlando, Florida

From the Magic Kingdom to the magical spa treatments, Orlando promises adventures everywhere. Spend a day exploring the theme parks of Disney world famous, to laugh with the dolphins at SeaWorld Orlando as loud or have fun on a roller coaster of Busch Gardens. If you prefer an evening with less adrenaline, enjoy the quiet natural beauty of the Harry P. Leu Gardens or relax with a massage seaweed for a luxurious day at the spa. Taste fresh local ingredients in any of the nominees for James Beard awards Orlando restaurants.

New York, State of New York

Conquer New York on a visit is impossible. Instead, look at what you should not miss (the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art), and then explore less traveled places like The Cloisters or one of the libraries city​​. Indulge yourself in the bohemian shops of West Village or a delicious meal in the Upper West Side. The bustling market that houses the Grand Central Station will literally make you savor the best of the city.

Chicago, Illinois 

The Windy City is a cornucopia of modern art, great food, innovative comedy and hardcore sports fans. Take a photo of your reflection in the silver sculpture Cloud Gate in Millennium Park before heading to Grant Park to the refreshing splash like Buckingham Fountain. There are dozens of museums and theater companies in Chicago, so it's always easy to find cultural activities. Surely you laugh with laughter in the Second City Theatre, the professional point of departure of many famous comedians.

Boston, Massachusetts 

No, actually you can not park the car in Harvard Yard. In Boston, you'll have the opportunity to see some of the most important historical sites in the country and witness a passionate love of sport. Presence match (and maybe some "ball out") at Fenway Park before going to North End to try the famous Italian cannoli neighborhood. Meet with the golden glory of the Old State House from the edge of Boston Common, which is also the starting point of the Freedom Trail: a walking route along 16 key sites for the American Revolution.

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ABC of Mexican food

ABC of Mexican food 
Very basic product guide, how to identify them and how to find food. Almost all the names are of Nahuatl origin. 

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Achiote. Red paste made ​​from the seeds of the tree hard Bixia Orellana. Gives color and flavor to stews and cheeses. 

Citron. Sweet biznaga, a cactus (Mamilliaria sphaerica). It is used in pastries, desserts and minced. 

Avocado. Fruit of the tree of laureácea (Persea americana) in Mesoamerica. It's the same reason the guacamole. The mature tree leaves are also consumed. 

Joy. Plant of the genus Amaranthus, and by extension, name of its seeds, of high nutritional value. It is used in sweet preparations. 

Antojitos. Are all those popular preparations do not become a formal meal, but replace it. Includes tacos, enchiladas, tamales ... 

Bun. White bread small. 

Botana. Finger food and drinks accompanying snack. 

Cajeta. Fresh goat milk from central Mexico itself. The name derives from the wooden boxes in which it was sold. 

Grasshoppers. Grasshopper. In the markets of Oaxaca are sold roasted and seasoned, ready to be eaten in tacos. 

Chilaquile. Prehispanic dish prepared with leftover tortillas mixed with chilies, herbs and fresh or stale cheese. 

Chile. Pepper in different sizes, color, taste and itching. Jalapeno and serrano peppers are the most used. Dried and smoked, jalapeno renamed chilpotle; sold canned, pickled or marinated. Bigger and is less spicy poblano, chiles rellenos base and is known as dry ancho chile. The habanero, typical of Yucatecan cuisine, is the hottest of all. Of dry, highlights and pasilla chili mulato (fresh chile is chilaca); it goes in moles, sauces and as a garnish for soups, and also the guajillo that soaked and ground is used in stews. 

Chocolate. Flagship product, is obtained from the seeds of cacao. The seeds, toasted and ground, mixed with water, sweetened with honey and flavored with vanilla or chili made ​​up that reserved for a privileged few drinks. Moctezuma took her in golden bowls. 

Thrasher. Blight of maize. Is parasitizing fungus Ustilago zeae ears. It is marketed canned. 

Ejote. Green beans. This seed, developed and dried beans renamed. 

Elote. Fresh corncob. 

Epazote. Paico male, just wow. American plant (Chenopodium ambrosioides) of intense aroma and flavor, almost inseparable from the beans. 

Bean. Beans, beans, beans ... These names apply to different species of Phaseolus. Bean and "frésol" variant phaselos derived from Greek, applicable to a different American legume. Bean comes from the Quechua purutu and beans, Yubia al-Arab, Jewish. 

Snapper. O snapper, fish emblem mex cuisine. It is a good sized snapper fishing in the Gulf and in the Pacific. 

Eggs. The favorite recipes are the huevos rancheros, and Mexican. Both are prepared with chili, onion and tomato. 

Jicama. Legume fruit is not edible, but its root, sweet and refreshing taste. Raw in salads, or alone with chili powder, salt and lemon drops. 

Tomato. Name the common tomato in central and northern Mexico. 
The green tomato or tomatillo, the fruit of Solanum other, is very small; very mild flavor and a little acid goes in raw and cooked sauces. 

Corn. Basic cereal food since pre-Hispanic cultures. The cacahuanzintle variety is rounder, softer than black and the common grain, and sold ready to make pozole, a kind of soup, or some version of menudo (or tummy: tripe). 

Mole. Means sauce or stew. There are many, but the most famous is the turkey mole poblano, seventeenth century recipe created by Andrea de la Asuncion, dominica the convent of Santa Rosa, Puebla. The original recipe also turkey (turkey), takes a hundred ingredients, including bitter chocolate. This supreme baroque was and is a celebration dish. 

Nixtamal. With corn tortilla dough is made. Corn is cooked in water with ash (nextli in Nahuatl) or lime to loosen the skins. 

Nopal. Species of Opuntia cactus, whose tender paddle-shaped pads are a valuable food (cactus), like fruit, prickly pears. 

Nieves. Popsicles. The milk ice cream called. 
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Piloncillo. Raw sugar is sold in the form of cone or truncated cone.

Rajas. Strips, especially chiles. 

Taco. Soft tortilla that can be rolled up almost anything edible. 

Tamal. Corn dough stuffed and steamed wrapped in husks, in yerba santa leaves or banana. 

Tepache. Nayarit refreshing fermented drink, made with pineapple. 

Tortilla. Cornbread disc-shaped, made with corn dough nixtamalized. It is the basis of mex cuisine. In each region, as the flavors it contains and how it is given, take on a particular identity. It heated and bent over a little cheese and one or two leaves of epazote, becomes quesadilla. Without bending and cover countless ingredients is toast and so. 

Totopo. Triangle fried tortilla rigid and crunchy consistency. 

Xoloitcuintle. Hairless dog in Spanish, named for virtually lacking hair. Pet bred for consumption by pre-Hispanic indigenous populations.

Eating and sleeping in Chapada Diamantina

Eating and sleeping in Chapada Diamantina 
Closed Located at 425 km from Salvador, this national park which you access from the city of Lençóis promises the most amazing treks Brazil. In its 152 hectares there are hundreds of caves, waterfalls improbable heights, colonial cities and charming inns. 

T: 0810-333-3333. web 
A Salvador, daily flights via San Pablo. 
A Salvador.T: 0810-266-3131 and (011) 4815-4035. web 
T: (0055-11) 4003-1118. web 
Fly Thursdays and Sundays from Bahia to Lençóis, returning the same day. As has few frequencies should be drawn in advance. 
By bus to Lençóis: 
Real Expresso 
T: (in Brazil) 0800-280-7325. web 
Departs daily Salvador at 7, 13, 16.30 and 23 The journey takes 6 to 7 hours. 

Vila Serrano 
Rua Alto do Bonfim s / n. 
T: (0055-75) 3334-1486. 
C: (0055-75) 9831-3321. 
Its owner is Swiss and Chapada reached 30 years. The inn looks like a village in the hinterland and was built in five minutes from downtown, with ecological criteria. The 13 colonial style rooms are acclimated according to Feng Shui and decorated with the help of local artists. All have WiFi, minibar, air conditioning, fan and balcony with hammock. There is a ping pong table in the woods and a pergola where they teach yoga. 

Canto das Águas 
Av. Senhor dos Passos 01. 
T: (0055-75) 3334-1154. 
Located on the banks of river Lençóis is the first sustainable hotel in Brazil and is part of the association Roteiros Charme. Began 27 years ago with four rooms and now has 44. broader 80m2, has a balcony overlooking the river, hydro, Super King bed, air conditioning, hairdryer, minibar and two TV. The hotel water is heated by solar panels and all the staff are native. There is a restaurant, swimming pool with special area for children, sauna, sleeps in the garden reading and meditation spaces. Breakfast is a food festival. 
Canto no Bosque 
Parque do Ribeirão s / n. 
T: (0055-75) 3334-1704. 
C: (0055-75) 9998-5558. 
Located in a forest of 12,000 m2, ten minutes walk from the center of Lençóis, this inn has impeccable attention their owners, the Bahian Jaciel and his German wife. There are bungalows, chalet, family and double rooms. All with air conditioning, fan, minibar, wifi and hammock. Free Transfer to the center. It has swimming pool, a restaurant surrounded by forest and from there the trail goes Ribeirão do Meio, one of the best rides of Chapada. She is also the winner of the Travellers' Choice 2013. 

Alcino Estalagem 
Rua Tomba Surrão 139. 
T: (0055-75) 3334-1171. 
Voted Lençóis inn charm and the best breakfast in the guide Quatro Rodas 2013, belongs to the artist Caetano Alcino. The colonial mansion has four air-conditioned suites and three rooms with shared bathroom. There are balconies with hammocks, the studio, library, parking and a park of 3000 m2. Breakfast is a succession of delights that are coming to the table, the premise is relax and enjoy leisurely. 

Lençóis Hotel 
747 Rua Altina Alves. 
T: (0055-75) 3334-1102. 
Located in the upper part of the city, is the first hotel in Lençóis. It has 50,000 thousand m2 of green area and 50 spacious rooms. The No. 38 is the most romantic and comfortable. There is also a well conceptualized restaurant, open to the public, pool, game room, wifi, a playground and parking. 
Rua da Baderna 51 T: (0055-75) 3334-1157. 
Naiara Mattos grew up in a restaurant and decided to open his stylized northeastern cuisine. Lighting candles, flower petals on the tables and make good music onstage parade where dishes like breaded salmon with farofinha tapioca, served with honey and pepper; garlic shrimp wrapped in pumpkin puree with rice and vegetables and an original green corn ice cream with caramelized coconut. All homemade and delicious. 

Maria Bonita 
Rua das Pedras s / n. T: (0055-75) 3334-1850. E-mail 
Maria is the mother of Naiara Lampião- and responsible-from the kitchen of the two restaurants, which also share the menu. Specialities include pasta. Fettuccine missed Encantado: Fresh egg pasta with field filé grilled medallion, white sauce of gorgonzola, parmesan and parsley. Furthermore, the privileged location allows guests the night movement of Lençóis. 

Cozinha Aberta 
Rua da Baderna 111 T: (0055-75) 3334-1321. web 
São Paulo is Deborah Doitschinoff chef and owner of this lovely restaurant slow food for 11 years. His idea is to rescue traditional and regional ingredients. Pasanda is the most famous dish of the house: beef curry cooked in yogurt accompanied with oil licuri couscous (tiny coconut palm trees caatinga) and achiote. 

São Benedito 
Av. Senhor dos Passos s / n. Access ramp to the hotel Canto das Águas. T: (0055-75) 3334-1834. 
St. Benedict is the patron of cooks and the most charming coffee Lençóis. Missed the house coffee: espresso, chocolate, milk and whipped cream, made with coffee Piata, natural organic gourmet Ibicoara better if accompanied by a brigadier of panela. 

Rua das Pedras 89. 
This Bahian food restaurant opened in 2012 and serves simple, fresh, plentiful and delicious dishes. It godó a type of banana ensopado- with mixed meats and rice. I grilled fish accompanied by mashed potatoes and rice, or dried meat with fried cassava. 

Terra Chapada 
Horacio de Matos Praça 7 T: (0055-75) 3334-1428. C: (0055-75) 9915-0722. Mail / Web 
Opened in 1985, is a pioneer in adventure activities in the region. The trek Vale do Pati is the strongest of all and one of the most spectacular. A must be in good physical condition. The number of days to choose one, it is recommended over 3 includes insurance, transportation, taxes, specialized guides, night with natives in shared rooms, breakfast, lunch and well-rounded snacks for the road. 

Nas Alturas 
Horacio de Matos Praça 130 T: (0055-75) 3334-1054. C: (0055-75) 9833-4465 / 9992-2370. E-mail / Web 
The only company certified by ABNT / INMETRO (Safety Management System) of Chapada Diamantina. Car ride to Pozo Pozo Azul and Encantado, 320 km in total. Includes guide, auto, access rate, typical lunch meals and travel insurance. Another walk combines Cachoeira Poco do Diabo, where you get after 40 minutes of walking, with the right to swim, lunch in a regional dining beside the river and sunset Mucugezinho on top of Pai Inácio, postcard Chapada, with stunning views . Includes transportation, guide, entrance fees, lunch and insurance. 

Ventures & Adventures 
Av 7 Setembro 22 T:. (0055-75) 3334-1030. C: (0055-75) 9961-2532. Web. 
She was chosen by the magazine Veja as Best Operator Ecotourism 2013 Paseo Cachoeira do Mosquito: transfer of 40 km by car to the Serra das Paridas to see cave paintings and other 40km to Cachoeira do Mosquito, plus 30 minutes walk up (easier) or below. Includes self, guide, snack super full, tickets and insurance. 

Toni Cerqueira 
Rua da Muritiba 5 T: (0055-75) 3334-1836. C: (0055-75) 9966-3855. E-mail 
Toni is Bahia and 21 who is a massage therapist does. After returning from a trek Toni is a blessing. Attend at least one hour and is highly effective with contractures. 

Laundry Orchid 
Urbano Rua Duarte C 120 (0055-75) 9933-3569. 
Indispensable to stay very active. Open from 7 to 20.30. 

Live palha 
Rua das Pedras 108 C: (0055-75) 8150-7971. Round and rectangular rugs, purses, puffs, hats, all straw and woven by the skillful hands of Doña Edit. 

Sementes Bahia Brazil 
Rua Miguel Calmon 38 T: (0055-75) 3334-1565. To buy gifts, from handmade soaps, made in Lençóis and bracelets piaçaba (regional straw) to Piata Gourmet Coffee. 

Pedra Rolled 
Rua da Baderna 50 C: (0055-75) 8282-4267. 
The mining Ourives Katia is jewelry and works with silver, gold and stones like topaz, emerald and amazonite. 

Rua da Baderna 65 T: (0055-75) 3334-1653. C: (0055-75) 9916-7320. 
Rings, necklaces, earrings, purses, accessories. All handmade and muito bonito. 

Important: All agencies offer packages a week or more days, as activities throughout the Chapada and overnight in lodges in different cities or houses of natives. Program recommended for those who want non stop adventure. 
Because of the difficulty of the roads and the lack of signage on the trails (except those near Lençóis), it is essential to be accompanied by a local guide, plus it can provide much more information. 

What to bring: backpack girl 20 / 30L backpack trekking or waterproof layer 60 / 90L, good hiking shoes, swimsuit, raincoat, flashlight, sunglasses, hat or cap, high protection sunscreen, insect repellent . Avoid bags with wheels and heeled shoes.

Paysandú: Useful information for traveling

Paysandú: Useful information for traveling 
Where to eat and sleep in Paysandu, Uruguay. 

Casa Grande 
Florida 1221. 
T: (00598) 4722-4994. 

In front of Constitution Square, one block from the July 18, the hotel was recently remodeled by the Percival family. The rooms are spacious and living with fireplace. The hotel Il Cuoco, a very good restaurant option works. Parking. 

Termas de Almirón 
Ruta 90 Km 83.5. 
T: (00598) 4740-2203. 

A 5 km of Guichón are the only saltwater baths Uruguay. On the site there are 7 pools (heated and cold water), municipal and private cabanas cabins managed estate. The baths are open from 7-0 (winter and summer). 
Posada Alchemy 
Route Charrua and continuation of Av. Artigas, Guichón. 
T: (00598) 4742-2206. 

Four rooms overlooking a beautiful park trees bougainvillea and elderly .. Swimming pool and facilities accessible. 

Estancia La Paz 
Colonia La Paz, Paysandú. 
T: (00598) 4720-2272. 

A historic farm founded by an Englishman. Currently, the Belgian owners and a cottage Charolais. The house has galleries, gazebo and water tank. There is a very ancient chapel with stained glass. Triple and quadruple. Activities include horseback riding, bird watching walks, bike rides and night sky observation. 

Il Cuoco 
Florida 1221. 
T: (00598) 4722-4994. 
In Casa Grande, a very good hotel choice for dinner. The restaurant is led by chef Tabaré Fernandez, who bet on the cuisine. Must tagliolini with braised homemade gnocchi and potato. 

Va Bene 
July 18 and Batlle Berres. 
T: (00598) 4722-4599. 
Traditional Barbecue city without tablecloth and good meat. Very lively with an old desk where neighbors will take staple late. 

Memorial Perpetuity (Old Cemetery) 
Monte Caseros, between Artigas and Soriano. 

The cemetery is a National Historic Landmark. It has spectacular mausoleums. Free admission. 

Historical Museum Paysandú 
Zorrilla de San Martin 874. 
T: (00598) 4722-6220. 
In an old house, a place to learn the history of this city, from its origins to the missionary Defense Paysandú. There are guided tours. Free admission. 

Bodega Falcone 
Ferreira Wilson and Young 
T: (00598) 4722-7718. 

Still standing is the main building of bricks, this centennial warehouse. He was born in 1868 at the hands of a few Italian immigrants who made ​​wines. Currently exported to several countries. Wines aim to highlight the mineral characteristics of the area. To test: Tannat Grandfather Monday. 

Rides Guichón 
Fernando Varietti knows the area very well and makes rides in his old orange Estanciera. T: (00598) 9882-6296. It also organizes fishing trips.

Planning a cheap trip to Italy

Planning a cheap trip to Italy 

Planning a cheap holiday to Italy, the land of fashion and style is not child's play. Freshly baked Italian pizzas, wines and vineyards, Gucci, Vatican, and other shoes, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, goals can be difficult if you do not have a big budget. Italy is an amazing country with plenty to see: Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence, for starters. 

Moreover, regions such as Tuscany and Sicily are worth a visit. To start your planning, make a list of the main destinations in Italy are famous or not. Internet will be your greatest ally if you want to save enough money to get. There are very unknown small Italian towns that are truly wonderful. The second thing you might check is the low season and each destination.

From November to February, the rates are lower because Italy hosts a number of much less considerable tourists. But within those months Dociembre beware, as this is the quintessential holiday season, hotels and transport fares rise again. Just do not forget that going out of season you may have to face not too pleasant weather.

They do not limit yourself to eat McDonald's burgers, just because they are a cheap option. Sure discover small restaurants that will offer slices of pizza at a very reasonable price. If you do not want to miss an exciting day of shopping, even if your budget is low, remember that there are a lot of outles allowing you to save you a bundle. Search outles especially Milan. Planning a cheap trip to Italy 

The most beautiful lake in Australia

The most beautiful lake in Australia 

The most beautiful lake in Australia 

If you are passionate about the most amazing and unbelievable scenery, Lake Hillier in Australia will leave you breathless. It must be like magic or science fiction movie, but this lake seems otherworldly. 

We all know that water has no color and the characteristic blue of our oceans is due to a scientific phenomenon that is responsible for the human eye perceives blue water. And I guess that's why it is even more surprising to admire the beauty of Lake Hillier. For who hopes to find a pink lake? 

A lake is a mystery 

For tourists with the most amazing natural landscapes, Lake Hillier is a must. However, this Australian Pink Lake is not unique in the world, as the Lake Retba Senegal also has this key. Here, the explanation of this color is in a bacterium stained pink water. 

But, what happens with Lake Hillier from Australia? Since its discovery over 200 years ago, the Flinders expedition, experts have not yet managed to find an explanation. 

In the Middle Island Western Australia 

And where this magical lake hidden? To behold the beauty of Lake Hillier first person, you have to get close to the highest peak of the Middle Island, the largest of the archipelago of La Recherche, Western Australia. Here this natural area as extraordinary as unexpected hidden. 

A must on our list of outstanding travel and places to discover. You up for adventure? Well no home forget your camera, because you expect a pink lake that will leave you speechless. 

Yet another example of the beauty and grandeur of Mother Nature.

5 Places to eat in Bariloche

5 Places to eat in Bariloche 

1) The Cave
Av. 536 San Martín T: (0294) 440-9200.
Opened in the late 80's is the largest of the 290 rooms Patagonia. In 2009 it became the latest refurbishment that included the lobby and rooms.
The Pan, the largest largest hotel with 290 rooms Patagonia, joined La Cave, a place to eat fondue reservation. Also, in the annex building, there since 2012 an ice bar: IceBariloche where you can take a gin and tonic in a cold room with 43 ​​tons of ice.

2) Cassis
Route 82, Rock of Arelauquen lake Gutiérrez.T: (0294) 447-6167.
It is the temple of Mariana and Ernesto Wolf Müller. Her in the kitchen, he in the hall, in charge of wines and orchard are complemented wonderfully. (Not for nothing have 5 children!). This is a true Patagonian company, born in Esquel, passed through Germany and seems to have taken root in Bariloche. Elegant atmosphere. Superlative experience. In high season, daily at night.

3) Butterfly
Hua Huam 7831 (Bustillo km 7.9) .T: (0294) 446-1441.
Proposal Irish gourmet chef Edgard Holloway, his wife Coni Pro and German sommelier Sebastian Stoveken that has established itself as one of the best restaurants in town. The place is romantic, with beautiful view, and the experience of tasting 7 steps unforgettable menu. From $ 390 per person without drinks. No cards. Only night. Closed Wednesday.

4) Flavored Almazén
The corner Radales Chilcas, Dina Huapi.T: (0294) 452-1109.
"Let your food be your food and your food your food." The quotation from Hippocrates tops the menu at this restaurant Dina Huapi, about 15 km from the center of Bariloche. Franco Ambrosi and Lucila Patuel author proposed balanced cuisine. The letter is synthetic and concise, and very good results. Captive exotic fish in Asian cooking and light curry mashed sweet potatoes and peanuts. They also make 6 steps tasting menu.

5) Kandahar
February 20 698 T: (0294) 442-4702.
The traditional center of Bariloche which opened in 1983 Marta Peirano restaurant is in the hands of his nephew Manuel García Susini, who Aggiorno the proposal. Scrumptious trout-cushion scented spinach with fresh herbs. Also prepared rabbit in white wine, Pacific salmon and lamb brochette. In January and February, is open daily from 20 to 23.30. Down, Monday to Saturday. He also added two locations: at the base of Cathedral (winter only) and in the club house of the golf course of Llao Llao, which are round.5 Places to eat in Bariloche 

Iguazu Falls: The new wonder

Iguazu Falls: The new wonder 
Years pass, change the runways, add hotels, more foreigners come, and Argentines are turning en masse to the Falls. Although they are new to the world are here, "the" great classic. 

Some are on their third or fourth visit, and the lady sitting next to me on the Jungle Train. It is ecstatic because he could realize the great sailing adventure. The shirt was drained and recounts the details of how the boat pulled to jump San Martin: "stay down the waterfall of truth, that is impressive." 
In the Devil's Throat, the pinnacle of the park, two storey rainbow in the clouds of steam arising from the canyon. The lovebirds are crammed against the railing of the veranda and autofotos are removed giving a kiss. Will Eros wakes up moisture from the skin and the roar of tons of water breaking over the course of the Iguazu River. Others were awake vertigo. Adrenaline. Fascination. Stun. Packet. Impossible to be apathetic to these waters. 
In the last Easter they had to close the PN Iguazú because the number of visitors (more than eleven thousand) collapsed capacity. Nor is it a matter of who has more people in there swifts, blackish plumage birds that nest in the rocky walls and curtains undefeated cross water. Everything has a balance in nature. 
Hotels, more and more. In the area of ​​600 hectares of forest Iriapú, so close and almost apart from the city, joined last year the Village Falls complex to the five existing ones. In full expansion, the hotel has 36 rooms, restaurant and pool, while plans to open a spa and tripling the number of rooms. 
In Puerto Iguazu there is always something new, like the restaurant La Dama Juana. Cuisine inventive but unsophisticated propose their owners with experience in luxury hospitality. He also appeared Iguazú Icebar, a bar that is hard thermal jacket and gloves and everything is ice walls, bar, glasses, tables and chairs. Yes, you can also get cold in Misiones. The imminent: Boat Hotel Casino. It will be anchored on the Iguazu River, will be the first draft of the project to create a "mini-Las Vegas" in this city.

Surfing destinations in the Caribbean

Surfing destinations in the Caribbean
No doubt that the Caribbean is the favorite of all who seek sun and beaches to enjoy in spectacular landscapes worthy to be called paradise destination. Very famous for this type of tourism is gaining more visitors also surfers who seek to practice their sport beaches to spectacular views. 

Although not many people know, the Caribbean is one of the best places in the world for surfing, and is the perfect combination of beaches, perfect weather, crystal clear waters and white sand just a couple of waves and feel are needed in surf paradise. Many of the countries that make up the Caribbean have hosted many surfing championships, so you definitely are in the perfect place to practice. Takes note of the best surfing destinations in the Caribbean: 

- Cayman Islands: The winter season is the best to go surfing because not only do not notice it's winter but at that time the waves grow very much and are perfect to catch the table and throw the sea. It is best to go to the southernmost part of the island and there the waves are followed and a good size for surfing. In the rest of the island are much greater but not repeated both. 

- Jamaica: Virtually any beach of this small country are the perfect waves to surf at any time of year. 

- Barbados: Probably the best destination in the Caribbean for surfing as there are many beaches with good waves constantly, especially on the east coast. If you're going to the west side is best to go between December and March and that is when you can enjoy the best waves (tide of the Pacific Ocean is on the rise at this time). 

- Dominican Republic: Punta Cana Especially can enjoy many beaches suitable for surfing and also have very white sand and are a paradise for the eyes of any visitor. The best beaches in the country for surfing experts are Bavaro, Arena Gorda and Uvero Alto. Surfing destinations in the Caribbean

Hotels Movie: I discovered Atlantis in Bahamas

Hotels Movie: I discovered Atlantis in Bahamas 
Hotels Movie: I discovered Atlantis in Bahamas 
A gallery invites you to stroll through the grand hotel that was once the scene of several feature films, including Casino Royale. Additional View the trailers of the movies. Would you like to stay there? 

The legend of Atlantis actually in Paradise Island, Bahamas is made. The resort that stands between turquoise waters and white sand beaches, collect beachfront hotels, shops, casino, and most importantly, a waterpark. Baptized Aquaventure, expands over 56 hectares including 13 pools; an artificial river and a water slide that descends almost perpendicular from the top of the replica of a Mayan pyramid, culminating in a transparent tunnel submerged in a pond full of tiburones.Además, Atlantis marine habitat aquarium is the largest open air world. There are 14 ponds filled with 250 marine species. In the collection there are giant rays, piranhas, saws, tuna, barracuda and sharks. 
Its unusual architecture and lavish Atlantis has become a scene of filming in the following movies After the Sunset, Casino Royal and Duplicity. 
More info: 
For those wanting to stay. The double, from u $ s 450 Total includes waterpark access. In addition, Copa Airlines has just opened a direct route from Panama, which avoids having to process the VISA to enter the United States.

Navigating the amazing Dubai in just three days

Navigating the amazing Dubai in just three days 
Navigating the amazing Dubai in just three days 
Built literally in the desert, this fascinating country merges the most amazing modern architecture with traditional Bedouin. 

Day 1: 

Start by learning to say "Mafi Mushkil" which for Arabs means something like "patience" and decide to do one program per day: traffic does not give many options. Start by crossing the creek in open (taxi-boat Traditional), follow the maze of the Old Suq Market (not distracting, here not worth buying) to Al Fahidi roundabout. The fort is now Dubai History Museum. Upon exiting, walk left to soak in the tiny district of Bastakiya. Remodeled is good walk with art galleries, cute courtyards and the remains of the old wall of coral that by 1850 around the city of Bur Dubai. Right on the water, Bastakiah Nights is the best choice for a light lunch or dinner with an air of Arabian Nights. 
Day 2: 

Despite the 560 mosques in the city, Jumeirah is the only open to non-Muslims (only guided tours Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 10). By Taxi, go to Deira. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods and is home to the best and most chaotic souks. Be ready to haggle with a vengeance. The gold market is as close to the cave of Ali Baba, most offer 22 karat gold at a good price. Indulge smell in the Spice Souq, and behold from pashminas to shisha and Aladdin lamps. Walk to the station by the stream to choose any of the dhow, these cruises offer dinner with wooden navigation and panoramic view of the city under the moon. 
Day 3: 

Start your morning with a pass through the beach to wet your feet in the Persian Gulf and further travel by taxi or bus to admire how the city is perched on the sand; among the most impressive buildings, Burj Dubai, the tallest in the world (still under construction, will reach 800 meters), Burj al Arab (you can only enter reservation 24 hours in advance), The Palm, Jumeirah Madinat. Make a stop at the mall to see or skiing in the ski (and Arabs dressed in winter jackets over their tunics). In the afternoon, take out an excursion to the desert. Last between 4 and 5 hours and include camel ride and dinner in Bedouin tent with belly dancers dance. 

Guide to visit the main tourist attractions of London in three days

Guide to visit the main tourist attractions of London in three days 
The UK capital is also one of the most influential cities in the world. With XVI centuries of history, his noble lineage does not omit your hobby to new trends.

day 1

You can start by Oxford Street, the main commercial artery of the city. There you will find over 300 brand name stores, major hotels, restaurants and cafes. You can choose the ones on St Christophers Place. I followed Oxford Street to the intersection with Regent St.. Walk south until Picadilly Circus, crossing London's Soho. In Picadilly Street you can find shops that sell tourist items somewhat bizarre. At night, the area is the center of the move. Pasha at Green Park, across Constitution Hill. No you can not lose the gardens of Buckingham Palace, the royal residence famous for the changing of the guard. Sit in Hyde Park to regain strength after the first day.
day 2

Free trial of the day at Trafalgar Square, a name that recalls the legendary 1805 British naval victory of the other side of the square support, visit the National Gallery. Admission is free and is the major London art museum, which highlights works of Botticelli, Monet, Van Gogh and Rembrandt. In the White Hall I went to Parliament Square, and pay attention to the English Gothic Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and St Margaret's Church. Inside the palace the House of Commons and Lords are: building the best known is the legendary Big Ben. The Abbey has been the site of the coronation of William the Conqueror in 1066, until the burial of Lady Di End the day between the rooms of the British Museum with the most important objects in the history of mankind.
day 3

Enjoy the Thames from the ancient Tower of London. The Tudor dynasty used it as a prison, and since then it is guarded by the famous Beefeaters, also guardians of the Crown Jewels. Close by, the Tower Bridge is surely the most beautiful and picturesque city bridge. Before lunch, enjoy around the London Eye with the best view of London and beyond. If still you feel like them, visit the Tate Gallery, and his collection of modern art with works of great masters: Picasso, Warhol and Dali.
Where to sleep:
The Rockwell. 181,183. Cromwell Road. Kensington. Tel: 0044 020 A hotel with 40 rooms and a minimalist style, conveniently located near major cultural attractions such as the Natural History Museum, Hyde Park and Harrods. It has very famous bar and restaurant. From £ 160 double. Breakfast, £ 9.50.
Where to eat:
Hibiscus. 29 Maddox Street. Westminster. Tel: 0044 020 7629 2999 ​​www. With two Michelin stars under his belt, this restaurant led by Claude and Claire Bosi a disciple of Alain Ducasse offers a menu of steps that can enjoy British cuisine with Mediterranean influences. Letters to the best labels of wines and champagnes of the world. Approximately £ 60 per person.
Tours and Activities:
Portobello Street. Notting Hill. In one of the trendiest neighborhoods, the most popular street Saturday becomes a big antiques fair where vendors sold British and foreign objects, some collectibles. Watches, furniture, ornaments and jewelry. Saturday 5.30 to 17.

In London:
T: 870-142-4343 0044-
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Complete guide to explore the best of Milan in just three days

Complete guide to explore the best of Milan in just three days 

It is the most important and glamorous city in northern Italy. Avoid Fashion Fair and multitudinous Furniture Fair and the mix of history and modernity that mark the character of this northern city throughout the year is not lost.

Day 1: Shopping 

The top circuit apparel brands and international designers begins in the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in the Piazza del Duomo. But the geographical center of the most fantastic of payable- absolutely impossible-for with regard to Italian and international fashion, is the Quadrilatero Della Moda, bounded by the Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga and Via Sant 'Andrea. Come in and see that window shopping is free. 
Saturdays Papinian Viale fairs and Naviglio Grande is lost. Point the fact: the last Sunday of each month there is no market for antiques. 
The picture of the shopping is completed in Brera, bohemian neighborhood of cobblestone streets, cafes with outdoor bars and pulling the witches tarot, where you'll find houses, painting and design. 

Day 2 Early Milan 

It starts, of course, in the Piazza del Duomo, the imposing cathedral is the world's third largest and building so grand Gothic architecture in pure marble (begun in 1386) it took more than 400 years. By elevator or stairs up to the balcony to see the whole city and the Alps in the distance. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is located on the right, with its distinctive glass dome and impressive and colorful mosaics. The gallery ends right at the Teatro Alla Scala; from the museum, which is open every day, you reach a stage where you can see inside the theater when no trials. 
The Castello Sforzesco Milan is a symbol of power of the XIV century. It was once home to Ludovico the Moor; Today it is home to numerous museums, you should visit before being lost in the fabulous gardens of Parco Sempione, just behind. A few blocks is the -ineludible- Pollino National Park, where the Last Supper is kept, the most famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. 

Day 3: Departure 

Take the train to Lake Como from Cadorna station; in less than 45 minutes you will reach a small town next to a green surrounded by mountains mirror: Como, which houses a historic town with unique architectural treasures, such as the Great Wall with its medieval towers and the immense Cathedral. 
Have lunch by the lake, if the weather is good so, in one of the many bars with flowery terraces. Finish the evening boarding a ferry that stroll around the lake and take you to Bellagio.

Top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world

Are paradise for those who do not conceive other than vacation by the sea and treading sand destinations where multiply Languid palms and the sun is a constant.


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