Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hotels Movie: I discovered Atlantis in Bahamas

Hotels Movie: I discovered Atlantis in Bahamas 
Hotels Movie: I discovered Atlantis in Bahamas 
A gallery invites you to stroll through the grand hotel that was once the scene of several feature films, including Casino Royale. Additional View the trailers of the movies. Would you like to stay there? 

The legend of Atlantis actually in Paradise Island, Bahamas is made. The resort that stands between turquoise waters and white sand beaches, collect beachfront hotels, shops, casino, and most importantly, a waterpark. Baptized Aquaventure, expands over 56 hectares including 13 pools; an artificial river and a water slide that descends almost perpendicular from the top of the replica of a Mayan pyramid, culminating in a transparent tunnel submerged in a pond full of tiburones.Además, Atlantis marine habitat aquarium is the largest open air world. There are 14 ponds filled with 250 marine species. In the collection there are giant rays, piranhas, saws, tuna, barracuda and sharks. 
Its unusual architecture and lavish Atlantis has become a scene of filming in the following movies After the Sunset, Casino Royal and Duplicity. 
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For those wanting to stay. The double, from u $ s 450 Total includes waterpark access. In addition, Copa Airlines has just opened a direct route from Panama, which avoids having to process the VISA to enter the United States.

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