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Guide to visit the main tourist attractions of London in three days

Guide to visit the main tourist attractions of London in three days 
The UK capital is also one of the most influential cities in the world. With XVI centuries of history, his noble lineage does not omit your hobby to new trends.

day 1

You can start by Oxford Street, the main commercial artery of the city. There you will find over 300 brand name stores, major hotels, restaurants and cafes. You can choose the ones on St Christophers Place. I followed Oxford Street to the intersection with Regent St.. Walk south until Picadilly Circus, crossing London's Soho. In Picadilly Street you can find shops that sell tourist items somewhat bizarre. At night, the area is the center of the move. Pasha at Green Park, across Constitution Hill. No you can not lose the gardens of Buckingham Palace, the royal residence famous for the changing of the guard. Sit in Hyde Park to regain strength after the first day.
day 2

Free trial of the day at Trafalgar Square, a name that recalls the legendary 1805 British naval victory of the other side of the square support, visit the National Gallery. Admission is free and is the major London art museum, which highlights works of Botticelli, Monet, Van Gogh and Rembrandt. In the White Hall I went to Parliament Square, and pay attention to the English Gothic Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and St Margaret's Church. Inside the palace the House of Commons and Lords are: building the best known is the legendary Big Ben. The Abbey has been the site of the coronation of William the Conqueror in 1066, until the burial of Lady Di End the day between the rooms of the British Museum with the most important objects in the history of mankind.
day 3

Enjoy the Thames from the ancient Tower of London. The Tudor dynasty used it as a prison, and since then it is guarded by the famous Beefeaters, also guardians of the Crown Jewels. Close by, the Tower Bridge is surely the most beautiful and picturesque city bridge. Before lunch, enjoy around the London Eye with the best view of London and beyond. If still you feel like them, visit the Tate Gallery, and his collection of modern art with works of great masters: Picasso, Warhol and Dali.
Where to sleep:
The Rockwell. 181,183. Cromwell Road. Kensington. Tel: 0044 020 A hotel with 40 rooms and a minimalist style, conveniently located near major cultural attractions such as the Natural History Museum, Hyde Park and Harrods. It has very famous bar and restaurant. From £ 160 double. Breakfast, £ 9.50.
Where to eat:
Hibiscus. 29 Maddox Street. Westminster. Tel: 0044 020 7629 2999 ​​www. With two Michelin stars under his belt, this restaurant led by Claude and Claire Bosi a disciple of Alain Ducasse offers a menu of steps that can enjoy British cuisine with Mediterranean influences. Letters to the best labels of wines and champagnes of the world. Approximately £ 60 per person.
Tours and Activities:
Portobello Street. Notting Hill. In one of the trendiest neighborhoods, the most popular street Saturday becomes a big antiques fair where vendors sold British and foreign objects, some collectibles. Watches, furniture, ornaments and jewelry. Saturday 5.30 to 17.

In London:
T: 870-142-4343 0044-
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